Wooden house in Šafari, Gorski kotar


What do you do to get both a terrace and interior living space on a small surface area? Fuse them, of course.

Within the given (small) perimeter, we created a concept where the living and dining space can be open or closed by means of glazing, so that it can become a fresh summer terrace or a warm conservatory. We achieved that by placing the service uses in colourful boxes: windbreak and kitchen in the red one, and staircase and bathroom in the green one. (One can take a shower within the cantilever, with a view towards the mountains in the distance.) The thoughtful placement of boxes shapes, directs and calms the living area.

The attic, with its study gallery and sleeping niches, is connected with the ground floor via an opening which lets the chimney pass through, so one stove can heat the whole house. The triangular prism for sleeping gives the sense of intimacy and protection.