Two-duplex house


How much privacy and protection can you get from a six-meter-wide plot, between two existing houses, in a crowded street in Trešnjevka? The question is answered by two duplexes.

In Zagreb’s Sokolgradska street we designed a house with two duplexes - one on top of the other. Why only two apartments? Because you can fit two parking spaces if you want to have a big ground-floor garden. And you want to, in the back of the plot, so that the house hides it from the street completely.

On the ground floor, behind the covered parking spaces, there are two entrance doors. So the apartments are like houses, totally separated. The bottom apartment (ground and first floors) has the garden for itself. The top apartment (second and third floors) has a big terrace for itself, along with the view. It is one house with two worlds.

But both worlds are meticulously protected. They are enclosed by the same, firm architectural frame. Their big east windows are protected from the narrow, non-green street by the filter made of strict vertical brise-soleil. But the windows facing the intimate west are even bigger and without fixed filters (they have movable shades, horizontal and relaxed).