A teacher's desk

Product Design

A desk gifted by a fourth-grade class to their teacher as a way to say goodbye. Designed and hand-made by Armano Linta.

How can each student build their unique contribution into the gift-desk? How can the desk's design portrait the parting while transcending it, turning it into something beautiful? Indeed, that which is exchanged in the relationship of teachers and students can be so beautiful that it can continue to live in them forever.

The desktop is the place that emanates love for working, creating, creativity and order. In this case, it rests on two posts, each containing eight legs. Sixteen students in the class - sixteen legs in the desk.

Each leg in the left post has its pair in the right one: Each pair of legs was made from one board, with one cut that created two complementary forms like a positive and a negative. The cut lines were drawn by students themselves, working in pairs. Even though the parts of the board separated, their connection is still visible. And precisely because they separated, they are able to carry the desktop.

It is the same with life phases. Partings can be both happy and meaningful when they bring new beginnings and new expansions of awareness. So this gift given by the students to their teacher is not just a gift for what was, but also a gift for that which will be: For the inspired work with future generations.

As designers and makers of this desk, we are happy we were able to participate in this beautiful story.