"Table Yourself Acrylic" coffee tables

Product Design

When geometry creates wonders...

The main idea of this 2d-3d puzzle coffee table is to make a table from one board, with one cut and almost no waste. This creates 2d elements (two 'legs' and the top board), which are assembled by the user, simply and without any joining elements, into a completely stable and functional coffee table. Due to the transparent acrylic, the table does not impose on the space where it stands, and the visibility of its legs underneath the top board accentuates its 3d-puzzle concept. Acrylic boards are cut with speed and ease to produce any shape with perfect precision, and the table is ready for assembly. Furthermore, the acrylic can be recycled any number of times and it is lighter, warmer and less fragile than glass, which is important for a table designed to be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.