"Structure" exhibition setup


Some projects are mysteries revealed very slowly…

To know oneself.
To reach comprehension through analogy.
To get to know oneself by recognising how one is composed of smaller units.

To expand consciousness to the analogy of bigger and smaller.
To understand the regularity from which analogy stems.
To recognise the structure within oneself and oneself in the structure.

Science is but one way to do this.
Science explores that which is without, while striving at that which is within.
Therefore science, too, is an analogy, so everyone can experience it.
Because structure is always within, even within us.
It has always been there and is always here.

As a weaving pattern we might not see because of the pattern of colours.

As a weaving we might not see because of the weaving pattern.
As aliquot sounds we do not hear, while we hear the tone they form.
As the undeciphered legacy of a civilisation long forgotten.

As as structure whose structured nature we feel, though not in quotidian habits.

Only when we stop and wonder...