A seaside house for pleasure and tourists


A complete reorganisation of a seaside house has to create a pleasant ground-floor apartment for hosts and another one for tourists on the first floor. The new generation has arrived.

Challenge no.1: The ground floor used to have a garage and storage space, and now it should become an apartment with three bedrooms. The load-bearing walls are massive and longitudinal; there aren’t too many windows; the entrance is from the south or east, while the yard is in the north, along with the gazebo, fireplace, swimming pool and garden.

Challenge no.2: The first floor used to have living space, and now it should become a tourist apartment with three bedrooms and many bathrooms, in line with the standards for tourism. The terraces are big, but aren’t engaged.

Sweet challenge: the garden shed that can become a little studio.

Our response: accept the challenge as an opportunity for a unique spatial character, and be creative! Check out option 3 ;)