School campus in India


Designing an educational campus in India is education in itself.

Classroom buildings, student accommodation, teacher accommodation, sports facilities, canteen, darshan (blessing) hall, playgrounds, gardens… The biggest challenge in putting the mosaic together was the climate: tropical wet-and-dry.

Since the passive ventilation (no air-conditioning!) was the second priority, the distances between buildings had to be big in relation to their heights. Therefore we designed single-story buildings, long and narrow ones (cross-ventilated) with very big eaves. (Did you know that midday Sun in India sometimes shines from the north?)

The third priority was fast, easy and precise construction. So we designed modular, site-assembled, steel structures. In one of the concepts we even had membrane roofs made of fibreglass.

What was the first priority? Happy people in a harmonious community. But there were so many small and big design decisions in that direction that it would be very difficult to note all of them. It should suffice to say that a campus is really a home, and that those living in a home make up a family. Architecture can contribute to that, or it can do the opposite.