Prefabricated wooden "House with a little house" in Gorski kotar


 It does not suffice to place a big glazed surface for a person to enjoy the view. It is necessary to design the space on the inside of the glass in such a way that it brings the person into a state of being where they can blend with the surroundings.

This small family home in the mountainous region of Gorski kotar, made of a prefabricated timber structure on a concrete basement, is the result of a poetic collaboration with a poetic investor.

In place of old stone foundations, where there used to be a wooden house, there arises a house inspired by stone, wood and sun, with the view of the spruce forest to the north and the faraway mountains to the east, the latter being so strong that it pulled the window from the wall and turned it into a little house between the fireplace and the infinity. But the fundamental inspiration was the deep-rooted wish of the investor to make a home there, with everything a home needs and nothing more.

A semi-basement, containing all that should serve. An elevated ground floor, not to be soaked by snow. A porch providing shade in the summer and sun in the winter. An entrance part of the porch, protecting the privacy of the living room. A windbreak, necessary in the mountain climate. A fireplace with a living fire. A kitchen and a bathroom with minimal height, in contrast with the living area reaching to the roof. A dining area with mild northern light. A study gallery heated by the chimney and lit by the roof lights. Bedrooms under the protective sloping roof. A wooden ventilated facade, to protect the house and fit it into time and place. And a steel roof, which can bear everything.

The house will harvest rainwater and be ready for a composting toilet and a sand filter for grey water. Once it is inhabited, the wind potential will be assessed so that one day there might be a micro windmill to power the LED-lighting.

Photos: Marta Blažević of Astra Divina and Amir Hadžibeganović