Prefabricated wooden "House with a little house" in Gorski kotar


The mountain view was so strong that it pulled the window out of the wall and turned it into a little house between the fireplace and infinity, in a poetic collaboration with a poetic investor.

This is a small house for a rich experience. It has: The entrance part of the porch, to protect the living room's privacy; A windbreak -  a neccesity in alpine climate; A wood stove with living fire; Kitchen and bathroom with minimum height, in contrast with the living room which rises to the roof; A dining room with mild northern light; A gallery office heated by the chimney and lit by rooflights; Bedrooms under the protective sloping roof.

Sustainability was implemented in the following ways:

- completely utilised spaces for maximum functionality in minimum surface area

- double-height living room with natural light coming from four directions to create maximum spaciousness in minimum surface area

- openings on opposite sides enable efficient ventilation and eliminate the need for artificial cooling

- the south porch allows the winter sun to heat the interior, while preventing the summer sun from overheating it

- energy efficiency is great due to the insulation in the walls (mineral wool) and on the facade (wood-fibre boards behind the painted ventilated wooden facade)

- using wood instead of concrete/bricks for the stories that are not in contact with the ground and for the facade insulation lowers the carbon footprint of building materials

- heating relies on the local biomass from certified forests

- using filtered rainwater in the household

- composting toilet

- grey water filter for garden irrigation

- the house is positioned on the slope in order to give more space to the garden

- designing in close collaboration with the clients, which led to the creation of spaces that optimally support their wellbeing.

Photos: Marta Blažević of Astra Divina and Amir Hadžibeganović