Play and Learn Set

Product Design

This multifunctional didactic set is a good support for teaching, physical activities and play. It inspires teachers and students to come up with new ways of using it.

The Play and Learn Set is a response to the needs of contemporary pedagogics. It is intended for the lower primary school grades. It consists of boards that come in several shapes, thick and thin sticks, and spheres. The spheres have holes along the three main axes plus another four, and can be combined with the thin sticks to create almost all geometric shapes and structures. The thin sticks can be bent and "memorise" the bent position. The ends of thick sticks have tongues and grooves so they can be connected to one another, or to thin sticks and spheres. Although they can bend, they return to their original form. One side of the boards features holes where sticks can fit, while the other is painted with blackboard paint. They are strong and insulating so they can be used as floor mats for sitting. The combinations of these elements can be used for teaching (learning letters, syllables, addition and subtraction, geometric figures and solids...), as a medium for developing creativity (combinatorics, construction, creating games and new ways to use the set) and as an incentive for physical activity (motor skills, patience, team spirit...). The options provided by the set will grow with the creativity of its users.

You can watch the testing of the set in classrooms here and here.