Perfektfutur notebooks

Product Design

Notebooks you could make yourself explore the relationship between the human-caused ecological crisis and our perception of beauty, order and perfection.

“Veljko Armano Linta has devised notebooks in which, as in ring files, it is possible to insert various pieces of already used paper – old bills, envelopes, paper napkins, bits of packaging, and on them, on the free space that is left, write new things down. This author is calling upon users to become aware and re-examine their attitude to paper and to habits and notions about desirable and attractive design.

Is the uniform, even appearance of paper in some notebook or album something positive, or can we find in the diversity of paper already used once a source of inspiration or beauty or perhaps a challenge to build upon them in semantic and formal terms, with our interventions, in text or drawing.

Does our bias in favour of paper that has a uniform appearance stem from fear of the unpredictable and the different – can we, quite to the contrary, find in the diversity of papers with respect to texture, colour, thickness, rigidity, greater of lesser transparency, a source of beauty, can we develop a sensibility for their aesthetic and expressive quality? Is not this diversity immanent to the function of the natural world?

In the work of Veljko Armano Linta, design has a metaphysical dimension; he includes a certain understanding of Nature and sees his design as a kind of extension of the same natural Principle.”

(Curator Maša Štrbac, from the Paperwork exhibition catalogue, 2020)