From a modular wooden cabin to a house


Start with a sauna or a summer kitchen or a garden cabin... And step by step you make a house where everything fits together.

This is a system of wooden cabins sized 2x2x2m and 3x3x2m that can be ordered individually or in sets. Each cabin can have a different use, and the use determines how it will be furnished, where its doors and windows will be, whether or not it will be thermally insulated, and so on.

The cabins can be combined from the start, or one can add new ones in the future, depending on ideas, needs and financial circumstances. The cabins are designed so that new ones can harmoniously fit with the existing ones.

If we combine them into a C-shape or a U-shape, we can use them to encompass a bigger space, the so-called hall, that we can cover with a higher roof. It will thus become the magnificent living room of a house, or a terrace, or a festive hall, or a workshop, or whatever we need as the spatious centre of activities. Because it's ok to have a 2x2x2 space serve as a kitchen or a storage or even a bedroom. But when we want to go out of such a box and into a space where we want to spend some time and socialise and feel free, that should either be interior space that is bigger (and taller!) by an order of proportional magnitude, or exterior space that is an order bigger, and as tall as the sky :)

This project is published among the works in the international competition, and use-of-authored-work reservation has been activated.