Log house in Turopolje


On the outside, a typical "Finnish" or "Canadian" log house. On the inside, the spatious luxury of a castle.

This is a very simple house: Bedrooms and spa in the south, with sun in the winter and shade in the summer (provided by the balcony and roof overhangs). Service spaces and the guest room and in the north, in the shade. The entrance is in the east, towards the road. The living space and the porch are facing the field, creek, forest and setting sun in the west, perfect for afternoon repose and socialising.

The secret is in the place where the two axes of the house intersect (north-south and east-west), where there is a big, square, double-height living room. As if it were the main hall of a castle or the centre of a cathedral, this space is the powerful centre of gravity and life in the house, open towards the gallery on the first floor and the porch on the ground floor. 27 square meters are not a lot for a living/dining room, but by reaching all the way to the roof, this space shows that cubic meters are as least as important as square meters.

The clients designed the interior themselves, which makes us very happy even though we gladly design interiors, because they enjoyed dedicating so much love and attention to it. It would have been a shame if they had given this task to someone else. But they are also very protective of their privacy so we shall not be publishing the photos of the interior. It is therefore up to you to imagine the spatiousness of this castle.

The author must thank Hans van der Laan for the inspiration in handling proportion, acquired while translating his book Architectonic Space into Croatian.

P.S. Why didn't we design a traditional wooden house of the Turopolje region, instead of this "foreigner" - a "Finnish" log house? Because the clients simply adore log houses, and in our work that it more important than strictly observing tradition.

Author: Veljko Armano Linta

Licensed architect: Natali Bosnić, M.Arch.