Light and view in the living room

Interior Design

We were hired to try and find the optimum compromise between the view out the window, pleasant light, no reflection on the TV, and spaciousness. And maybe another meter of kitchen.

It’s challenging to create a pleasant space when you enter it at the corner and when there is a big zone of shadow and traffic. But there are opportunities too: big openings, light from two sides, contact with the balcony, a kitchen niche. Between challenges and opportunities, compromises are always born.

The new dwellers weren’t happy with the compromise that “came with the flat,” shown on one of these options. Not saying which one ;) They wanted to dine with more light, with a view, and without shadowed faces. They wanted to watch the TV without reflections. They wanted an atmosphere of peace and spaciousness because the space seemed “nervous” and small compared to the number of square meters. They wanted to have more storage space in the kitchen.

We explored various possibilities and the way they combine functionality with atmosphere. Each has its pros and cons, depending on the specific dwellers’ priorities. Various options help us choose the best one together with the clients, and tweak it.