"LED Willow Tree" light sculpture

Product Design

This interactive LED willow tree translates movement into light. When still, only the tips of the flexible falling threads are lit. When moved by wind, the micro-turbines in the trunk produce electricity so that the glow increases along the threads with the intensity of movement.

This synaesthetic experience adds playfulness and the element of surprise to urban spaces: One moment, the light is almost asleep, and then with the whirl of the wind the tree and the surrounding area become alive and invigourated.

This invites human response and promotes awareness of the sustainable energy sources that surround us. In addition to that, the LED willow tree anticipates the future in which it will be possible to produce sufficient power for lighting by the movement of the lighting fixtures just as there are watch mechanisms that run on the movements of one's wrist.

When that moment comes, the willow tree will shine even when you caress its threads with your hands.