House for J. S. Bach


To listen to Bach's music and to view the world through a caleidoscope: Everything keeps changing and there is a regularity in everything.

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The house for J.S. Bach is a house for contact with (his) free musical spirit. This seemingly irregular structure encompasses a central dome-like space, surrounded by six teleidoscopes (kaleidoscopic telescopes) looking at various portions of the surrounding environment. The six kaleidoscopic images thus created are constantly changing due to the action of man and nature, providing a dynamic and highly geometric worldview, where the nature of light matches the nature of Bach's music. The teleidoscopes are mirror-prisms, which can be set into any kind of a shell so Bach's house can fit into any surroundings where it is needed. In this case, it is made of rocks on a Mediterranean islet with a graveyard, serving as a chapel. The central space hosts an organ, proportioned in accordance with the size of the central space. Thus it can happen that music and light join into an ephemeral spiritual reincarnation of J.S. Bach.