A healthy semi-basement apartment

Interior Design

The complete renovation of a small semi-basement apartment is actually the search for healthy atmospheric flows, both in the apartment and in the garden and dug-out terrace around it.

Potpuna adaptacija malog stana u suterenu za samca ili par zapravo je potraga za zdravim ambijentalnim tokovima.

Atmospheric flows depend on the size and proportions of a space, on light and shadows, cardinal directions, the surroundings and the direction of access and movement.

We're all influenced by atmospheric flows, but we create them too, by means of our activities, habits, moods and expectations. We can feel them when we're calm enough to feel how we feel, and then we can perceive how that changes as we move through space.

Atmospheric flows change with the changes in the positions of walls and furniture. That's why they have to be considered while designing for renovations. They support a space's functionality, aesthetic pleasure, and more.

If we manage to anticipate the atmospheric flows of various renovation options, we'll find it easier to help the user feel balanced and healthy in the space.

We're grateful for every collaboration in which we can pursue that goal together with the client.

That's why we've shown here the sketches of atmospheric flows and several floor-plan options, but we'll let the client himself describe what it means to get into the feel of space, design for harmony and operate within the synergy of clients and designers:

"Dear Veljko, dear Ana,

After the comprehensive process I went through in order to make a decision, a process that among other things included drawing on the apartment's floor with a chalk, let me skip further details and say that the decision has been made. :)

To cut the long story short, since it would be difficult to put all my thoughts and feelings regarding the offered options into words, I'll touch upon all of them, in as few words as I'll manage.


The option that, perhaps only ostensibly, at first - and superficial - sight, offers less living space and deprives that space of the southern exit to the terrace, created an additional mess in my head as I looked at all five options during the first evening. It's option 2.

As I slept on it and re-delved into all of the options, I realised that - within the given conditions - this option actually offered ample space, visually divided into interesting and meaningful wholes, while keeping daylight coming from all sides, in a way that fits every whole with respect to different parts of the day and my habits.

In other words, it brings daylight into the concept, from all three sides, and it offers the full-blooded diagonal and tranversal directions that you mentioned, which distinguishes it from all other options.

I have to admit that, through looking, thinking, imagining and finally drawing by chalk, the bedroom with the door that opens to the terrace, from the first impression that the "door is stolen from the living space" and "how will I push the bicycle out", eventually formed the impression that "the door is exactly where it shoulde be", in the ideal space. Together with other excellent ideas, this vision of the bedroom is one of my favourite ideas of that floor plan.

The sleeping area is retracted into the "dark intimacy", in the corner where I had seen myself sleeping, while the light source is a bit further away, where I'd like it to be, so that the door can give me the feeling of a room that opens to the terrace, and isn't just a sleeping box. The feeling of waking up and goint out, breathing air in, looking at the weather before entering the daily rhythm, is something that brings me joy. Also, when the room gets filled with southern sunlight, I'll know that I'd gotten carried away with sleeping :) Since I wake up very early on workdays, that's a fitting thing on my free days, unlike a too bright "southeastern" sleeping space. Not to mention that the option is more feasible too, because it doesn't require additional undertakings such as making new wall openings. It's time to stop with this list. :)

During the decision-making process, the favourite option didn't change. I've become calmer and more contented with its "shortcomings". :)"