A flat with a wooden cave

Interior Design

Wood helped us create an intimate and warm armosphere in a living room that is often passed through.

We were tasked with designing the layout and atmosphere within the living room and the kid’s bedroom. The entrance to the living room creates an axis of movement between the sofa and the TV wall. And there is a strong axis leading from the kitchen/dining toom to the kid’s room between the sofa and the windows. We decided to envelope and soothe the living room space with the help of a wooden ceiling-and-wall covering.

We organised the kid’s room so that the bed and the interactive cork poster-wall is on one side, the storage spaces on the other, and the big playing space with a mobile desk between the windows and the white board.

One dines at a table that’s perpendicular to the window to avoid shadows on anyone’s face, but the table can be rotated 90 degrees when needed for guests.