A flat in Paris with a double nest

Interior Design

Can a couple retire to Montmartre and feel their 36 m.sq. flat as if it were a villa? We created a double nest for them to try and make it so.

In spite of all the creative floor-plan ideas that we had, the ancient building didn’t allow us to remove any partition walls and we had to fit our clients’ many passions in the existing disposition of spaces. Thousands of books, many music instruments, and space for delightful cooking, a little space for the occasional visit of a child, to name but a few.

Since She likes the shabby, curvy walls as they are, and objects to reach out for you, while He likes surfaces and geometries in order, and objects to be more quiet, we gave their living room two different characters. Knowing that we will have to make it double-dense anyway, we made it double-rich too.

The density and diversity of experiences and atmospheres is high throughout the flat. Look at the bedroom, with a niche bed, a creative desk within it, a hammock and a big piece of floor by the window... Or the guest room / solitude space, with its desk, high bed, and vanity corner...

We believe that it will create a polyphony rather than a cacophony.