Apartment with unified living space

Interior Design

A complete renovation of this apartment aimed to unify cooking, dining and soicalising in a single space, unlike the original layout.

We got detailed instructions from the client, with a bunch of photographs of spaces and furniture they liked, as well as the most important thing: the description of the way they like to spend time in their apartment and the atmospheres they find pleasant.

Based on these instructions and the measures we took of the existing apartment, we made several floor-plan options.

We analysed the atmospheric flows of the options and chose among them. The clients then chose the option that best suited their priorities, as each option had its pluses and minuses.

This is creative work, and we managed to surprise the clients with an option they really liked, and that hadn't crossed their minds as a possibility.

Finally, we presented the chosen option in 3d, in line with the clients' taste and preferences, and based on our ability to shape coherent spatial wholes and atmospheres.