"Ab Ovo" coffee tables

Product Design

What happens when we choose and combine our sensory experiences ourselves, every day, from the beginning, ab ovo?

Senses are the primary way in which humans experience the world. They have existed from the very beginning, ab ovo ("from the egg"). These oak-slat, egg-shaped tables, made in three sizes (w83xd56xh65, w107xd72xh50, w130xd88xh35), serve as bases for senses. Spheres/yolks/senses entice interaction and can be moved from table to table. The spheres vary depending on the senses they provide. The metal (semi)sphere/spice planter represents taste. The deeper metal bowl with a mallet enables the creation of sounds. The almost-closed glass sphere with sticks in perfumed water spreads scents through space. The sphere with woven woollen lining is pronouncedly tactile, and it contains a storage bowl inside. The lamp sphere supports the sense of sight regardless of day or night. And the glass sphere/fishbowl represents the sixth sense - intuition, life. Thus the tables give us the possibility to enrich our lives by choosing our sensory experiences every day from the beginning, ab ovo