365-newspaper chair

Product Design

An easy chair made of 365 newspapers (without glue!) shows the passage of time, as counted by a simple everyday object that is itself a record of time.

“Ana Armano Linta has thought up an easy chair made out of old newspapers. She has sequenced the 365 issues printed in a year on a bent metal sub-structure and result is a strong curved volume in which the papers are suggested only by the front and the last pages seen at the beginning and end of this sequence.

But the newspaper association is retained because the author has wanted to induce thinking about the passage of time, the ephemeral and the lasting, the role of information in contemporary life and recycling as material and immaterial act.”

(Curator Maša Štrbac, from the Paperwork exhibition catalogue, 2020)

The easy chair was sponsored by the Hanza Media company.