A hundred ways to sketch



Lately I've been working a lot on designing interior renovations. It's nice work. I work with people, helping them create some new parallel realities. I get into those realities and use my talent to feel space and combine its elements, and I see that we can all benefit and draw satisfaction from it.

I use quite a bit of translucent sketch paper in the process because, after the initial talk with the clients and before I do anything on the computer, I need to hand-draw my impression of the existing condition and potential future options.

A few days ago I browsed through some sketches of several different projects and it shocked me how different they were. It's not like they were absolutely different, but they were different enough for me to have wondered what was going on. Because it's not just about change over time. And then I realised:

The sketches remind me of the project's vibe, and as part of that vibe, more than anything they remind me of the client's vibe, or how I feel the client's character and their relationship to the apartment and what it could become.

I already knew that each project included me feeling the «parallel reality of the client» and that the designs I would create would be different for different clients even if the apartment were the same. But now, for the first time, I could clearly see how every design process had a different character.

How happy I was to see that! I've resisted, at least for now, the temptation to build my own style and force it on every project. I've resisted the temptation to treat sketching as perfecting my style (and to treat sketches as a fetish) instead of a tool to reach unique individual realities.

It can be done after all...

To the clients who allow me to learn, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart :)