Wooden house in Fužine


Just as the Fužine Lake sits amidst mountains, there sits a conservatory amidst a house. Two voids in dialogue, creating a fulness.

This beautiful plot of land with a considerable slope provides a spectacular view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The house is set perpendicular to the direction of the slope, and its central part is glazed so that the presence of the lake can pass through it. The central conservatory, a space enchanted by the view, vertically and horizontally connects all the spaces of the house, but also connects the hill behind the house with the terrace that cantilevers towards the lake. It is a space for resting in the summer shade and bathing in the winter sun; a space for playing and socialising. It gives access to the service unit and the lower entrance in the basement, to the wellness unit and the living unit at the ground floor, and to the two sleeping units connected by a bridge in the attic. The house is meant for resting and pleasure so it is at the same time very comfortable and composed of intimate spaces. That holds true for the bedrooms under the steep roof, for the wellness unit with a jacuzzi and a sauna, and for the living unit with a cooking/dining part and a part at the fireplace. The house features a light wooden structure, with ample thermal insulation and a ventilated wooden facade. The load bearing wooden structure is visible from the exterior in the basement story, which gives the impression that the house touches the terrain very lightly.