One two apartments

Interior Design

How do you turn one apartment into two so that they can easily be reunited into a different one later?

Design either follows life or makes it complicated. But the greatest thing is when designing today can follow the life changes that will happen tomorrow.

This apartment was ready for a total renovation and the clients wanted to use the opportunity to remove partition walls and turn it into two smaller rental apartments. However, they wanted the two apartments to be able to come together in the future, without a huge undertaking, and form a single apartment for permanent family living.

We received detailed instructions with the wishes for both of those scenarios and we developed several possible combinations.

Here you can see one of those combinations, and the final combination that is the result of tuning the floor plans to the clients' additional wishes.

You can also see the sketch with a combination that departs from the received instructions because we were inspired to find a different way to use the space: In the middle of the apartment, there is a spacious entrance/storage/laundry space. Up and down there are two aparments, each containing a fixed box with a bathroom and a ktichen. All other furniture is on wheels so it can easily be moved, arranged into spatial sub-units, connected and separated. Framed mattresses can become either sofas or beds, and shelves and cabinets can be near the walls or in the middle of the space etc. Dining tables are sized in a way that allows them to serve outside or inside.

At the end there is the floor plan without partition walls: the plan of the new beginning :)