The kids' domain in the attic

Interior Design

The attic got two new bedrooms for kids and a playroom. How do we bring them to life by using colours and arranging furniture?

We stepped in once the walls and the installations were already done. One daughter wanted a violet room, the other one a pink room, and the mom decided that the furniture be white. The playroom had to be playful, but equally acceptable in terms of colour to the daughters and to the son. It is wonderful to play with colours, but it doesn't often happen that the clients decide to have expressive colours. We enjoyed making this design because we got the best out of quite a low space, but also because we created something very sweet and in tune with the clients.

In the bedrooms, the space beneath the incline is dedicated to beds and to playing/socialising on the floor. Desks are by the windows and wardrobes stand against the full-height walls. Each room has two shades of the chosen colour in order to make it more playful, but the incline, the ceiling and the wall with the window is white so that the room can seem more spacious.

The playroom is green with orange details because it needs a balance between the dynamic energy and relaxedness. Under the incline and the roof window there are drawers with toys and the space for play on the floor. The darker part of the room features the TV corner. The curved contours of the furniture are playful and safer than rectangular ones because there are no dangerous corners.

The table is our acrylic coffee table. Visually unobtrusive, it is lighter and safer than glass. It is easy to disassemble and store under the sofa or behind it.