A delicate cabin renovation

Interior Design

How can we turn a cabin into a temporary dwelling without making it a cottage? We joined architecture, interior design and product design in the search for a solution.

We want to make this cabin a place where one can spend the night, stay for a few days or weeks, use in all seasons.

But what are we actually doing? We are looking for a way to be even closer to it; to shroud ourselves and our company with it.

Why? Because we feel good in contact with our basic needs, the simple, direct, sinewy, vital and earnest being in the nature, beside the fire, hugged by the wood. We feel good when we can thank the forest and the axe, rather than concrete and the heating plant, for being safe. And we feel good taking the axe in our own hands.

However... the winter bites, the mice play, and the hills are as hilly as hell. So instead of fetching the water from miles away, instead of packing up as soon as the sun sets, instead of climbing the slopes to go to the loo, instead of keeping the stuff in the trunk of the car, let's find the right place for a toilet, a storage and a kitchen. Just that, nothing more.

How? Let's sit down and relax... put the axe down... close our eyes... and listen... to that which is not here:

There was no sound when we put the axe down: not a clack, not a tock, not a cling. Eyes closed, fingers see: soft, warm, like fabric.

"Who is that?" "Blanket." "What blanket?" "Homing Blanket. Wherever I come, I turn the place into a home. Even incredible places. An abandoned factory hall becomes a picnic place. A stuck elevator becomes a bedroom. A truck becomes a crib. Here, I can even make an axe relax and smile." "But Blanket, how come you speak?" "Well, sometimes someone asks me a question without even knowing it, because they close their eyes and find me half asleep between the world of house and the world of home. Since I have something important to say, I'm glad to have someone to whom I can say it." "Tell me, I'd like to know." "Then listen carefully: You don't need much in life, but take that which you need without fear."

And then the blanket fell silent. The cabin, almost the same as it used to be, irregular, sooty, semi-dark and with holes, ceased to be a shelter and became a little home. In one breath... The eyes opened. The blanket, silent and immobile, yet wise and powerful, is still here.