Apartment in Zagreb - organism and surgery

Interior Design

Designing for a renovation of an apartment is sometimes a matter of surgery. Perhaps it's not a coincidence that the clients are doctors?

But it's not about having the built-in wardrobe made with a tenth-of-a-millimeter precision. It's about architectural solutions having to make a clear cut in the existing spatial fabric and create, in an efficient - but not crude - way, something new, for the sake of the new dwellers' physical and mental and emotional wellbeing. While holding the pencils, like scalpels, in our hands, we had to be aware that we are not faced with a drawings, but with a living organism that contains (for now) three people. We knew that the procedure would be invasive and that we would have to be incisive, but we had to have a holistic approach in mind. We talked with the organism and the wonderful people before the procedure, during the procedure, and later, trying to profoundly feel them and to help them to express themselves with enthusiasm. The concepts we developed along the way were merely a way of explaining what we were actually trying to create: the conditions for happiness, or health, or balance. There were many things to be careful about, to preserve: money, time, the generally restrained taste of the new dwellers, moderation with experimenting, the existing quantity of light, and of course the load-bearing walls. There were many things to create, actually to set free: first of all - the living centre of the apartment (hm, what's that?), the space for running, space for socialising, space for resting, space for intimate moments, space for laughter, space for creativity, space for earthly joys, space for cleanliness, space for things, space for contemplation of any kind, space for going out into the open air, space for entering dreams, space for playing, spaces for a lot of small children, space for big children, space for scents and flavours, space for coming and living, space for adjustment, space for change… and so much more. Every trace of the pencil, or eraser, contained innumerable changed perspectives, but the views and outlooks and styles and cabinet doors and the colour of tiles are of less importance; every trace contained innumerable changed spaces inside the human being, and here we reach the essence of the matter. That is why we offered several possible solutions to our clients. In order to agree on the essence, the priorities, the scenario. The first solution was chosen and realised. Small finishing touches are yet to be made, but life is already there.