"Table Yourself" coffee tables

Product Design

You have a board of some material or other, and would like to turn it into a little table as simply as possible, with as little waste as possible, and no screwing? Yes you can! And it will be one of a kind, too.

Table Yourself is a series of coffee table made of one board. They are made of MDF, with minimum waste and no joining elements. Some of them are painted with blackboard paint suitable for chalk.

The tables are easy to assemble, use, disassemble, put away and move. When dismantled, their parts combine like puzzles to form the board they were made out of.

Owing to the principle of grooves which is the main structural principle, the shape of the tabletop itself can be anything.

That is how, in addition to table with square and round tabletops, the freeform tabletops arose, along with the possibility for individualisation of shape. Regardless of the form, the character of the tables remains recognisable due to the particular joining and the "mirroring" of the forms of the tabletop and the legs.

The tables have been exhibited at the D Day international design exhibition in Croatia and are going to be exhibited at the Exhibition of Croatian Design 2013/2014.