Coffee table in the corner



I'm taking photos of a coffee table we designed. I'm doing it because I like the table and I want to share it wih others. We actually use it in the studio and we put on it the things we need in that corner. We need them because they bring joy to us and fill us and our guests-friends with life.

I'm taking photos because, while using the table, I felt how beautiful it was, the moment before I felt the urge to grab the camera. Howeve, if I put aside its story and practicality, I could almost say the table is nothing special. Just a transparent board standing on two transparent boards, with pleasant proportions and complementary shapes.

But as the base for the things that bring joy to that corner (of my life) it's just perfect: unimposing, simple and harmonious. It reflects the items on it, but not too strongly. It doesn't cram its corner because it's transaprent. The symmetry of the whole and the composition of the forms subconsciously urge one to mindfully arrange the items one adds to it. And yet, it's not too refined, as if it gave a licence to be relaxed.

All of that is present in a single comprehensive impression, and I'm trying to capture all of it in a photo. I'm immersing myself into the frame and I'm realising that the table as an object and the corner as a space are unified in a way. They work together to create these impressions, enabling one another to express itself. Gestalt. A moment of awareness.

I keep realising how much I'm shaped by space. It's thrilling. If I show someone the photo of the table, I'll be showing them a photo of our studio. I'll be showing the atmosphere of the space we're breathing while we're daydreaming about coffee tables, chairs, and so many more things that don't yet exist, but will be there tomorrow. I'll be showing them a part of who I am and who I want to be, although in the photo they will probably mostly see their own thoughts, memories and feelings.

No matter how passive a base for life objects and spaces are, we use them actively to shape that life and the way we perceive it. It doesn't have to be conscious, but it's active nevertheless. And that's why I'm so glad that we designed that big room in our studio, the one where that corner is, in such a way that we can constantly change the disposition, light, colours and the overall atmosphere.

Yes, that means that the corner will soon look different and that I probably would've forgotten this particular character it has, were it not for the photo. But we gained so much more. We gained the opportunity to create just the right environment for each single project we're doing, whether we're designing objects or spaces. And we got a space that keeps surprising people we're working with and for. It's different each time they see it. I like to think it helps them feel and comprehend how important, pliable and exhilarating atmosphere is. It's the medium we're working with, immaterial and real at the same time.