Komoda ili šest?

Evo što se dogodi kad mi netko pita da napravim jedan prijedlog za komodu... nastane ih šest! Upit je bio od strane proizvođača namještaja koji radi namještaj za različite ljude. Za razliku od projektiranja namještaja za poznatog korisnika i unutar...


What should a house look like?

ONE – Style and wellbeing As far as I’m concerned, a person can choose their house to look like anything they want. Any style, any colour, any character, anything from abstract to figurative. A-ny-thing-at-all. That doesn’t mean I like every house I...


Skice na 100 načina

U posljednje se vrijeme dosta bavim projektiranjem adaptacija stanova. Lijep posao. Radim s ljudima, pomažem im da stvore neke nove paralelne stvarnosti, uživljavam se u te stvarnosti, koristim svoj talent za osjećanje prostora i kombinatoriku, i...


Our two rooms

While designing the thorough-but-simple renovation of our apartment, my wife and I created a "big lively room" and a "small quiet room". Notice that we didn't specify the use: We didn’t say anything like “living room”, “bedroom”, “office” etc...


I sloboda i zajednica

Nekad se živjelo u višegeneracijskim kućanstvima u selima. Znalo se kako se treba ponašati. Znalo se kako se s kim razgovara, kako se oblači, kako se jede, kako se radi, kako se i za koga ženi i udaje, od koga se dobivaju batine. Sve se znalo. A ako...


Hrvatske kocke kuće

Kako bi napuštene kuće iz šezdesetih i sedamdesetih godina mogle postati žarišta života diljem Hrvatske? Zašto su se tako razmnožile te hrvatske kocke? Hrvatska su sela posuta prepoznatljivim kockastim kućama iz socijalizma. Prizemlje, kat i...


Why we are mindful of the clients' budget

We are mindful of the budget out of basic human respect, but also because avoiding loans is a service to the whole society. Here is why: Money is a clever invention that allows us to trade products and services efficiently, over distances of space...


What is an ecovillage?

What is an ecovillage? It turns out that the answer is neither simple, nor one. Whatever image of it you might have in mind, I bet you can find ecovillages that are completely different from it. And that is one of the best things about them...


Storytelling in architecture: The communication of wellbeing

So you’re the architect and some clients come to you because they want you to design a house for them. But it’s not a house they are after: it’s happiness. They might not even know it themselves, but that’s what they will be looking a for: a place...


Arhitektura kao uslužna djelatnost

Ove i prošle godine sam u više navrata, u javnim i stručnim diskusijama, čuo moje kolege, hrvatske arhitekte*, kako se snebivaju, žale i užasavaju zbog toga što arhitektura postaje uslužna djelatnost. Jako zanimljivo. Kao da već nije uslužna...


Carnival, carnival, carnival

In our line of work one often hears the one about “location, location, location” – the three golden rules of investment. But I say “synergy, synergy, synergy” – the three golden rules of anything, including fun. The Nordics dig that, and more often...


Style or character?

Considering the value of any investment in construction, it might sound scary when an architect says that practice makes perfect, but that’s the way it is. This time, however, I’m not talking about learning from mistakes, but about how a finished...


Coffee table in the corner

I'm taking photos of a coffee table we designed. I'm doing it because I like the table and I want to share it wih others. We actually use it in the studio and we put on it the things we need in that corner. We need them because they bring joy to us...


Our LED Tree concept was exhibited at the Gwangju Design Biennale

Having been shortlisted at an international competition, the LED willow-tree concept, whose branches are lit as intensely as the wind sways them, was exhibited at the Gwangju Design Biennale in South Korea.


Table Yourself at the Ljubljana Month of Design

This year the Table Yourself coffee tables spent a month in Ljubljana.


Ab Ovo at D Day

This year at D Day we exhibited the Ab Ovo coffee table and three spheres that settled into it.


Puzzle Coffee Table at the Zagreb Design Week

The Puzzle Coffee Table, transparent and almost invisible, was exhibited at the Zagreb Design Week 2015.


Waking up at Dawn

Even during my first family-house design project (2 nd year at the Faculty of Architecture), when I stood face to face with quite a steep plot of land at the foothills of Medvednica, it was clear to me that the plot had something to “say” and that I...


Table Yourself in Skopje

Table Yourself coffee tables have been exhibited in the beautiful space of Kurshumli An at the Skopje Design Week. Here is the opening atmosphere:



We were camping, the two of us, in a tent fixed to the ground and to four young olive trees, just big enough to have their branches touch above the centre of the tent. In front of us a garden, and then bushes. Apart from the toilet+shower building...


Armano Linta at D Day

At D Day 2014 we exhibited promotional prototypes of coffee tables that are: made of one board each, almost waste free; without any metal joints; easy to assemble and disassemble; easily individualised by shape, colour and material; fit for do-it-...


On the Kitchen

It’s amazing how the kitchen is engrained in our minds as an image, and how limited the image is. As soon as you hear “kitchen”, what do you imagine? Regardless of a specific style, which can be totally diverse, the image in your mind is that of a...